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Invods Sdn. Bhd. is a startup marketing company that mainly focuses on real estate and education. Invods Sdn. Bhd. had started their sole proprietorship business on 10th of December 2018 and was found by Ryan Chai Quan Zheng and Mah Pei Dong. Forming a both analytical and creative business by communicating, designing, developing and publishing to empower, influence and transform the community. The company, Invods Sdn. Bhd. was made up using alphabets that involves in the specific 6 words which are influence, investor, wolf, owner, developer and satisfaction. The alphabet V had replaced the word wolf. The reason why the word wolf was included in the name of company was because our management focuses on The Wolf Culture of INVODS that brings the meaning of teams are expected to act with the “intensity of a wolf pack”. Also, bringing a reason behind the founder of Invods Sdn. Bhd., Ryan Chai Quan Zheng to his own business as he was unlikely to agree with the strategy of multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. As said above, Invods Sdn. Bhd. involves marketing, real estate and education. Our company is currently focusing on two major real estate projects, Aman Plus project and Kuantan Waterfront Resort City project. This marketing company is qualified to help customers with expert assistance by providing a unique, fresh and new kind of consultation. Additionally, Invods Sdn. Bhd. concentrates on offering property talks and seminars as well by sharing out property knowledge to enrich the perspective of community on real estate.

Our Vision

Be a leading company that drives a new era of marketing & business innovation in our community.

Our Mission

Influencing and innovating marketing solutions to empower and inspire our community.

Solution = Education and way of doing business

Core Value

Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Empowering.

Team Values

Integrity                                       Sustainability                             Teamwork

Respect for people                    Win-Win-Win                               Influencing

Consultation                                Satisfaction

Our Team

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