One of the fastest growing marketing company that mainly focuses on real estate and education in Kuantan.

Invods Sdn. Bhd. is one of the fastest growing marketing company that mainly focuses on real estate and education. Invods Sdn. Bhd. had started their sole proprietorship business on 10th of December 2018 and was found by Ryan Chai Quan Zheng. The founder realise that business is the best way to earn money and he owns great knowledge as well as experience in the real estate industry. Besides, he also found out that most of the Kuantan citizens have insufficient knowledge on real estate. Thus, he has an idea of forming a corporate style of business as Multilevel Level Marketing (MLM) strategy not in line with his business philosophy. After discussed this idea with P.D. Mah, one of the co-founder of INVODS, has plan to form a both analytical and creative business by communicating, designing, developing and publishing to empower, influence and transform the community.

With the rich knowledge on real estate, they had decide to establish INVODS Sdn. Bhd. In the early stage of the business, our committed team successfully sell 100 units of property within 3 months with less than 10 manpower. This achievement started our gradually expansion in the real estate marketing industry. Human capital is the greatest assets in INVODS. The company insists that everyone in INVODS is classified as business partner rather than only workforce. This working system has makes the company becomes more powerful and promotes its continuous growth.

As said above, INVODS specializes in marketing, real estate and education. This marketing company is qualified to help customers with expert assistance by providing a unique, fresh and new kind of consultation. Back by the experienced and professional team, we always ready and genuinely desire to provide real estate services to both our developer partners and purchasers. Additionally, INVODS concentrates on offering property talks and seminars as well by sharing out property knowledge to enrich the perspective of community on real estate.


To provide professional real estate consultation and education to the local community.


Be a leading real estate company that drives a new era of marketing & business innovation in our community.

Core Value

Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Empowering.
We empower,We influence, We transform.

Team Value

Integrity, Teamwork, Respect & Gratitude,
Win-Win-Win, Communication, Work-Life Balance, Proactive, Continuous Growth, Positive Influencing